Tokio 2020 is coming…!

There we go! After a few days of recovery from the Giro Donne in the Netherlands, it is then time to leave for Tokyo for the Olympic Games. The past few days have been busy and a bit hectic. Packing all your belongings, doing a PCR test in Leiden every day, downloading and going through apps, lots of yoga, stretching and foam rolling to recover as well as possible. I also cycled some bits with the dogs and walked around. I also took hot baths, so that I could acclimatize a bit and changed my rhythm, trying to go early to bed and get up early. Every day an hour earlier in and out an hour earlier. The last 2 days I did this with my meals too, everything a little earlier. Last night I was in bed at 8.30 pm and this morning the alarm went off at 5:30 am. Not because I had to be somewhere early, but to be one step ahead of my jet lag.

At 11:30 am we gathered with our suitcases and bicycles at Schiphol to check in. After that we went looking for the KLM Crown Lounge where we waited until we could board. I had never been to the KLM Crown Lounge before! Here you could sit relaxed and grab food, just as if you were in a free restaurant. At the toilet you could even use all kinds of rituals products! We stood here for a while and made extensive use of the body spray and hand foam.

After a while we were called by the KLM staff that we could board and we walked as team NL towards the plane. Everyone in orange, that attracts a lot of attention! People were shouting: ‘success!’ or ‘make us proud!!’.

That is quite special and special to experience, especially because I know very well what it is like to follow the Olympic Games from the sidelines. We fly business class, also a new experience for me. I have a lovely chair and lots of space. In a moment I’m going to throw up my legs and go to sleep, because while it is now 3:00 PM in the Netherlands, it’s 10:00 PM in Japan, so bedtime!! My first Olympics are going to be very different and different from normal, but I am very proud that I have already achieved this!


See you in Tokyo!



Demi Vollering

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