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It all starts with
Demi Vollering
Professional UCI cyclist
for Team SD Worx

Über Demi

Hallo zusammen!

Willkommen auf meiner Website, auf der Sie alles über mein Leben als Radprofi finden. Mit anderen Worten, wo Sie alles über meinen Traum finden können. Denn das ist es, ich lebe meinen Traum! Eines Tages habe ich mich entschieden Rad zu fahren und das mache ich jetzt jeden Tag. Ich höre Sie denken, wie bin ich dazu gekommen?

Hier erzähle ich Sie meine Geschichte!

Guess the climb 🙃

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Dear followers,

Probably you already saw it coming by last week, we started a fundraising for our dear teammate and friend Amy and you can help!

As you all know Amy had a bad accident last year just before Christmas and suffered some very bad injuries.

The following months were a very difficult and uncertain time. But luckily Amy, stronger then ever, kept fighting!

We are now a few months further and Amy has regained consciousness. The further course of her recovery is still very uncertain. She is working hard on her rehabilitation. Amy can’t speak at the moment, she also still has a loss on the right side of her body, which makes the recovery tough and difficult.
No matter how hard the treatments are, and how difficult the situation is right now, Amy lives by her own motto #smile to enjoy, and smiles at life again!

It is not yet possible to predict how long her recovery will take, or how far she can get.

What we do know is that Amy is a sportswoman at heart. She is combative, positive and never gives up.
She has always committed herself and worked hard to achieve her goals. Both individually and in a team. Her effort and struggle now serves a much greater purpose, and she cannot do it alone.

Treatments that Amy can undergo, both in the Netherlands and abroad, are not all reimbursed. Modifications and tools are very expensive.

We want to offer Amy as many opportunities as possible to get the most out of herself.

A fund has been set up for Amy so that, partly thanks to donations, she can hopefully make use of all the opportunities that are possible for her.

(Feel free to share the link with your love ones)

#smiletoenjoy #staystrongamy 💜

This pictures says everything about our motivation for tomorrows Dutch championship! 🇳🇱💜

#dutchchampionforever #smiletoenjoy #wesparksuccess

Not only having fun here but working hard 💪🏼 Today was hard! Tomorrow another long day and then it’s time to go to 🇳🇱 to prepare for the Dutch championships!

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I mean how can you not love those views? Going into the last week of our altitude camp! 🥲


#teamsdworx #coldelaloze #brideslesbains #frenchalps #wesparksuccess

Last restday: lots of laughs and fun, best way to recover!

#emtb #cycling #teamsdworx #3vallées #brideslesbains #frenchalps

Another pretty day in the mountains done with this little squad 🤩🏔 ...

I think I like being stuck in the mountains for 3 weeks 😋 ...


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